Are you searching for an Alternative method to help your Dog?

Is your dog showing signs of aging?

Is your dog Walking or Playing Less?

Is your dog Struggling using the stairs or getting into the Vehicle? 

Welcome to  Arctic Therapy

  • Arthritis

  • Hip Displaysia

  • New or Old Injury

  • Sprain

Laser and Massage Therapy could be the answer to relieving your companion from pain and discomfort!

Why delay the possibility of giving your companion friend a quality lifestyle back again?                      

Wouldn't it be worth getting the spring back in your Dog's walk again?

Your Dog deserves to be mobile and pain free again so that the both of you can enjoy each other to the fullest.

Hasn't your Dog's Loyalty Earned the chance to feel better especially in the Senior years?                    

  • Safe

  • Soothing

  • Rejeuvenating

  • Natural anti-inflamatory

  • Relieves Arthritis

  • Hip Displasia

  • Aids in Rehab .....and so much more 

Laser and Massage Benefits:

Your dog could be suffering from:

It could make a difference.

Your dog will love you for it.  

Love Your Pet


So why not turn back the clock for your companion as we often do for ourselves?

Extend the life and quality of your companion with this amazing Therapy method .

To learn more about Laser and Massage, click



So why not give this "State of the Art" therapy a try?

It's safe, compasionate, and beneficial.

Click the dog image below for forms and contact info.

A Happy Dog means a Happy Master

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