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Hi, My name is Jeannine Belliveau.  Helping you to help your pet to feel better is my pleasure and passion.  You are probably here because your companion pet may be showing signs of pain or difficulty in being mobile.  

You've come to the right place!  Laser and Massage Therapy has given many pets another chance to be mobile and pain free again!

Give back your companion's active life!

Choose your topic below and learn more.






If you say " yes"  to any of the questions that are on the Welcome page, then your companion pet qualifies to have Laser and Massage Therapy.

Move your companion to a better health with therapy.

It's gentle, effective and most pets enjoy it.

Say yes to:  Strength, Mobility, Function, Life

Your Companion pet will thank you for the Quality Care and the better Quality of life that you gave back.

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About Laser

Laser is safe, effective and non invasive.   Laser can be part or the solution to help ease your pet's  pain.

Laser combined with Massage is a great recipe to healing.

This is Hands on Therapy that will give Results!

Learn more About Laser by clicking on the left image or here.



The sessions are very calming and pleasant.  The comfort of your pet is a high priority.   The pet parent gets to be the assistant and will also learn to apply therapy between sessions for maintenance and faster healing.  To learn more Click here or on the  left image.

Natural Home Remedies for Pets & Pet Parents

Recipies for Pets and parents

Try the Homemade Chicken and veggie meal.

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